COMADEM International

Prof. Raj Rao, Founder of COMADEM and Comadem International

Prof. Raj Rao, Founder of COMADEM and COMADEM International

The philosophy of Condition Monitoring and Diagnostic Engineering Management (COMADEM) is to continuously improve and enhance the quality, reliability, safety, availability, maintainability and performance of all assets (both physical and human) for as long as possible and to derive maximum benefits with minimum risk. This means continuous knowledge discovery, generation and dissemination and proactively and holistically managing all assets. Its aim is to bring industries and academia to work in harmony with a view to shape our future and create value for the benefit of all mankind.

COMADEM’s Mission Statement:
To totally commit ourselves to provide the best possible care and services in the interdiscipline of Condition Monitoring and Diagnostic Engineering Management to all our valued customers, who seek our advice and expertise in order to continuously improve performance and to add value to their assets. Also, to provide continuous education, training, R&D, by offering the most up-to-date and the best available tools, techniques, strategies and human resources available at our disposal.
Publishing Activities:

  • Publishers of the International Journal of COMADEM
  • Publishers of COMADEM Conference proceedings and technical books

Consultants in:

  • Higher Education Development
  • Asset Maintenance Management
  • Engineering/Product Design/R&D

Research & Development:

  • Collaborative University – Industry partnership
  • Winners of the DTI SMART Award 1995

Areas of Excellence:

  • Proactive Integrated Maintenance Management
  • Root Cause & Failure Analysis of Industrial Assets
  • Environmental and Energy Management Audit
  • Application of IT to solve industrial problems
  • R&D in leading edge technology
  • Providers of Higher Education & Training Programs
  • Organisers of successful International Congresses & Exhibitions
  • Publishers of Journals and Technical Books